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I went into labor in the middle of the night after seeing you that morning … I do believe that the treatment I had with you really helped me to feel relaxed on a cellular level and helped me to connect with my baby and embody the sense of trust and surrender I needed to welcome labor. I want to thank you for your heartfelt work with me. – Arielle Greenwald Gardner

Thank you for all the tender love and care you gave me so many years ago. You were a powerful shape shifter for me at a very pivotal point in my evolution. – Jan Kent

Lakshmi Lambert provides a level of deep healing you will not find elsewhere. Throughout the years I’ve had numerous encounters with healers and their various modalities, some good, some great, some not so. Lakshmi combines knowledge, passion and wisdom while encouraging communication to achieve stunning results. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Lakshmi Lambert. Simply the best. – Doug L.

Totally recommend Lakshmi. The reason I was looking for acupuncture treatment was a back ache due to a lower disc hernia. My doctor gave me a referral. However, what I really found was somebody who took the time to get to know me and really help me through my recovery process. What began as a specific therapy has become a time of general wellness and illumination. Lakshmi is a unique person and will help you feel better, and be better. – Pioter G.

If you are looking for a true healer – someone who is completely devoted to bringing you to optimum health – emotionally & physically – then you should visit Lakshmi Lambert. I’ve seen numerous acupuncturists & Chinese herbalists over the years, but none compare, even remotely, to her. She has treated me for walking pneumonia, back & neck pain, broken toes, sprained ankles, severe allergic reactions, skin problems, female issues, and depression & anxiety. In addition she practices Homeopathy and I’ve experienced extraordinary results from those treatments as well. She is kind and gentle, and her home is a true sanctuary. You will literally float out of there. – Robin F.

Was very lucky to meet Lakshmi and receive a reading from her. It’s clear she has a lot of experience in the way she interprets the cards. Lots of insight. I would definitely see her again! – Ke.

Lakshmi Lambert is an absolute phenomenal holistic doctor.  Her experience, patience, and insight have helped me time and time again.  In my most recent situation, an ear infection had caused my hearing to be lost for 10 days.  She saw me last minute on a Memorial Day.  Following her instructions, and taking the medicine she suggested, the next morning I could hear out of both of my ears.  She is expert in so many areas, and really gets to the root of the problem.  Not just a band aid, her treatments last, and my problems have never reoccured.  I HIGHLY recommend Lakshmi as a holistic doctor. – Krishna M.

What an incredible healing Goddess is Lakshmi.  I have been seeing Lakshmi for over 10 years and I am truly grateful for the healing she has guided me through.  The space is like a sanctuary and I get happy each time I make the journey to my appointments.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  The best healer in the area. – Natalie B

After one cold morning surf, my back felt sore. For the next two weeks it seemed to get a little worse each day. But Lakshmi did an amazing job at fixing my back pain with acupuncture. I saw her for a sessions on a Wednesday and then a second session the following Friday, and the following Saturday I was able to surf again. While I doubt serious back problems can be healed with such ease, I was still amazed at how quickly the acupuncture helped me out, especially when nothing else seemed to help at all. I would recommend Lakshmi to anyone looking for acupuncture and other holistic treatments. – Rob M.

I couldn’t even open a sliding glass for after my car accident. I couldn’t carry my purse. After working with Lakshmi I felt so much relief and she was one of the biggest contributors to my healing. I feel so blessed that I was able to be Lakshmi Lambert client during a time where I needed expert hands to be working on me. She not only provided physical healing, but emotional and spiritual healing, as well. A million thanks for everything she has done for me. With much appreciation. – Melissa Lubaszka, MED, Teacher, Academic Coach/Parenting Consultant

I started seeing Lakshmi because I was suffering from total exhaustion and I was getting sick too often. She was amazingly sensitive to my needs. With the acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies, my health and energy levels have steadily improved and my immune system has gotten much stronger. Lakshmi Lambert is an intuitive doctor who creates a nurturing environment for healing. – Madeline Leavitt/Director/Choreographer

Lakshmi is the most talent healer I have every had the opportunity to be treated by and work with. I always feel from her that nothing matters more to her than helping her patients heal. She is the kindest and most loving Holistic healer I have ever know. She is intuitive, well educated, kind, caring, deeply motivated to help other and has a wonderful practice. I am honer to know her and be a part of her life and practice. – Jenny Vaughn C.

I have known Lakshmi Lambert for many years and have used and recommended her health services to many of my friends. She is knowledgable, kind, trustworthy and professional in her services. I highly recommend Lakshmi Lambert as a holistic physician. – Penelope Toribio

Lakshmi is a true mental and physical healer! I have been a patient of hers, for many years. She has truly healed me from severe neck and lower back injuries, where i was in chronic pain and in one visit she cured me! I highly recommend her! – Andrea Turnoff/catering by Andrea