I started seeing Lakshmi because I was suffering
from total exhaustion and I was getting sick too often.
She was amazingly sensitive to my needs.
With the acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies,
my health and energy levels have steadily improved
and my immune system has gotten stronger.
Lakshmi Lambert is an intuitive doctor
who creates a nurturning environment for healing.
------ Madeline Leavitt, Los Angeles, November 2006

Lakshmi practices in a truly holistic way, integrating mind,
body, and spirit practices of Eastern medicine
to address the wellness of the whole person and not just symptoms.
Listening both auditorally and intuitively,
she works to discern the needs of the individual
and develops a treatment plan to balance the patient.
An excellent acupuncturist,
she is particularly gifted in formulating herbs.
------ Carolyn Roberts, Ph.D. Director, Inward Paths to Wellness
------ Consult, Marilyn Hilton M.S. Achievement Center, U.C.L.A.

Lakshmi Lambert's excellent command of her discipline
moves into a realm of holistic healer,
in the most profound sense of the expression.
Her concern and interests transcend the typical boundaries
of acupuncturist and herbalist and address ancient
and current methods of healing that are compassionate,
humane and profound.
Her deep care in treating people is a gift...
...to those who are fortunate to seek her assistance.
Thank you for all of your care and help.
------ A. Karl Tso, Builder/Contractor, September 14, 2006

I have been seeing Lakshmi regularly for over five years,
During which time she has treated me for everything
from chest infections, to sports injuries.
No matter what was the problem, she has always resolved it,
acheiving results where doctors and specialists have failed.
She has done so in her uniquely personal way,
always making me feeling confortable and relaxed.
I don't know what I would have done without her.
(Don't get embarrassed!)
------ x Keith

Lakshmi is deeply knowledgeable in the use of eastern medicines
and in their background philosophies.
However, it is her personal insight and intuition
that makes her sessions so enjoyable.
It's like sitting down and having a cup of tea
with Mother Earth herself,
knowing that there is a true inner harmony.